How do IoT products support e-healthcare?

January 6, 2023

The world today with its constant pace of advancements has seen revolutionary changes in most sectors, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Healthcare providers, fortunately, are adapting to these new advancements and combining a variety of internet services to give their patients a better healthcare experience. The many benefits of the internet are well evidenced, but do you know of the many ways in which IoT products provide support to the healthcare industries?

E-healthcare is the use of digital technologies and telecommunications, such as the internet, computers and mobile devices, to facilitate health improvement and health care services to patients. The widespread effects of the Covid-19 pandemic further accelerated the digitalization of global healthcare service all around the world, thereby undoubtedly improving healthcare access, quality, and overall patient experience. A byproduct of this was the development of remote access to a variety of health care services without having to physically visit a hospital or clinic.

IoT or the Internet of Things, refers to the collective network of devices and the technology that facilitates communication between these devices and the cloud, as well as between the connected devices themselves.

The use of IoT in the healthcare industry has enabled medical professionals to monitor the real-time conditions of their patients thus preventing ill preparation for emergency situations such as heart failure, asthma attack, cardiac arrest, etc. IoT enables healthcare providers to extend their reach far outside of the traditional clinical setting with home monitoring and internet consultations.

Medical IoT helps hospitals in making sure the right doctors are connected to the right patients. Furthermore, health insurance companies benefit from the many uses of IoT-connected intelligent devices, by leveraging data captured through health monitoring devices for their underwriting and claims operations. Claims handling and risk assessment processes are made smoother and more transparent in addition to enabling the detection of fraudulent claims and identification of prospects for underwriting.

Aamal Medical is the leading medical equipment distributor and service provider in Qatar and strives to continually evolve with technological advancements. The company is already involved in a range of projects that aim to introduce the people of Qatar to the latest healthcare technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Stem Cell Therapy, Mobile Health and Telemedicine. IoT helps facilitate the pathways to reach those goals.

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