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Level up your experience with Aamal Medical as we bring you the best quality products from around the globe. The company has distribution agreements with leading international world-known suppliers. Most of these agreements date back to many years where these brands were introduced in Qatar for the first time

Although Aamal provides solutions for almost all needs of any healthcare provider, it has highly distinguished itself in surgical equipment and turnkey operating theatre solutions, ambulance and emergency lifesaving equipment, digital healthcare technologies, IoMT connectivity and integration services, chronic disease management and diagnostic equipment across the state of Qatar.


At Aamal Medical, we specialize in providing our clients with Full-service Maintenance Contracts, Healthcare Facilities Management Projects / Supervision and Consultancy Healthcare

In addition, we offer consultancy services for Turnkey Healthcare Projects, taking care of your project from start to finish, including approvals required at all government and regulatory levels, and fine-tuning medical equipment and healthcare solutions to your needs.

Aamal Medical
Healthcare IT Solutions

Orion Healthcare Technologies

Orion Healthcare Technologies has been developing and delivering solutions for hospitals and health systems around the world for over 26 years and is a leading health data platform. Their fully integrated health system helps to reduce duplication, save time, and improve patient safety, through faster and more efficient sharing of information.

Orion Health is a one stop solution to all your needs, seamlessly connecting information across systems and departments for clinicians to make more informed decisions and deliver meaningful treatment plans.

The many benefits of Orion Health include faster sharing of clinical information, higher value care, better patient flow and quality experience.

Aamal Medical
Pharmacy Automation System

Aamal Medical provides Pharmacy Automation to Private and Public Pharmacy’s in different capacities. A perfected solution in automation is an automated stock management and dispensing system that is extremely economical, fast and most importantly and reliable.

The Robotic Gripper is one such example of a product that is self-calibrating and entirely technology driven. The machine is powered directly by the fast moving axes and connected to the controller server via an internal WLAN, with no cables or horizontal drag chain involved. Automation of this sort helps in maintaining fast, reliable and affordable standards.


The state-of-the-art technology RIEDL PHASYS was designed to specifically fit the needs of the modern pharmacy, with detailed customization at every level. The technology is the best available on the market in terms of performance, precision and reliability, tailored around the functional and aesthetic needs of your pharmacy.

RIEDL PHASYS allows you to manage your pharmacy in the best possible way, adapting to the available space and dispensing the pharmaceuticals wherever you want, in seconds. In addition, the bi-directional gripping unit that moves at a speed of over 5 meters per second, along with a capacity to dispense over 1,000 packs per hour, significantly shortens the time it takes to fill an order. The system is also designed to be more energy efficient, reliable and safe making it a top choice in the industry.

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